Putting my Idea into Practice

So i have rented out a Nikon D300 with a 12-24mm wide angle lens and a remote shutter release. i had to figure out a way of attatching the tripod in my car and the best thing i could come up with was just using loads of tape and to drive carefully when i’m out to prevent the triod from falling over.

I went out and tested this but it was quite unstable, but the idea id working quite to plan and i am getting the same results that i pre-visualised. the wide angle lens is getting the right amount of car into the photograph that i wanted to create that frame i was looking for. i was taking exposures of around 30 seconds on an iso 200 to reduce the noise you can often get with long exposures using digital.

Here is an example of the results i’m getting. from here now i can start to think about the images abit more now that i know the idea is working. i’m thinking about how i can contruct a set of images in this way to answer the brief. there is many possibilities and i think i am going to keep on taking photographs and drive quite alot. i shall take it on every journey i make over the next few days. i’d liek to see how it would look with just one person in the car. i would probably be able to get more into the frame of the car interior from the outside landscape. also in my next attempts i will get a more sturdy tripod and some more industry stlye tape like Gaffa tape to keep the tripod more sturdy.

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