Lee Friedlander – America by car

I remebered a recent piece of work i had looked at by Photographer Lee Friedlander which is very similar to my idea for my project for this module. Friedlander frames these shots with his car interior and it displays this constant feature that carries on throughout the book. i have taken some inspiration from this in the way that friedlander provides this obstacle to the viewer. this work was produced in a recent world where the popularity of personal transport has boomed with everyone having cars and their own vehicles. i think this is a reference to the traditional works of america like ‘the americans’ by robert frank, which was photographed on foot, where as nowadays we see everything through the framing of a car. the subject matter in friedlanders book is often quite traditional landscape shots in their own. old buildings or trees and even this more traditional america. i think i can take alot from this work. i want to develop my ideas with the wide angled lens and the idea of journey and meeting other road users but i also want to experiment with the stationary car aswell. i want to give the impression that the car becomes the camera. maybe experimenting with the travel from busy cities to country escapism into vast landscapes.

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