Idea and wide angle Lenses

i have decided to pursue my idea of taking photographs from within the car and using the interior as a frame. i have decided to ditch the pinhole in an attempt tog et a better quality image where i can control the focus. i have realised that to get the same effect i am going to need to get a hold of a wide angled lens to use also so i have been doing some research into how they work. i found this website quite helpful. LINK.

i have also been getting some information from this website. it includes some interesting photos which deomstrate the capability of the wide angle.

this image was taken by pcarr

i am going to look into what lenses they have available for me to use at the media loan shop and then see about doing some experimenting with a few. i need to be able to achieve that framed effect and finding the right angle to compose the car interior around the image.

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