Experimenting with HDR (first attempts)

After looking at HDR photography in my easter research and how the use of exposure time can generate these interesting images, i decided to give it a go and see what i could come up with. i took several exposures of my subject and asked them to be as still as possible. i didnt change my aperture, i simply just changed my shutter speeds and made different exposures heading from very dark to light. i then put them all into photoshop and experimented with merging them together.

I started out mixing with the opacity of each image and then merging them together which i found worked but not as well as i hoped and i also tired the automate – merge to HDR tool on photoshop but that wasnt very succesful either. i then started also duplicating layers and playing around with the colour balance and then merging seperate layers with seperate hue’s to achieve a nice mix of colour aswell as creating the HDR effect.
here is my final result

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