Understanding Light and pre visualistation

I have selected a few images i have taken recently in which i have been experimenting with the understanding light workshop we were given. i have learnt how to use natural light better and also how to use it to get a pre-visualised image in my head. with these twi images i knew i would get a window reflection from the window behind me and exposed a shutter speed stop longer to make sure i caught this reflection for the glazed effect. for the one below i wanted to capturemore shadows on the gradient in the wall where it meets so i made sure i exposed it for a shorter time to get a darker shadow to create a more minimalist theme to the image.

With these above images i noticed patches of natural light falling through breaks in the trees and decided to try and use these like a natural soptlight on my subject. i exposed the film a little bit longer to create that illuminated effect.

With this image i knew i could get a slight silloette from the large window and light source outside. i knew that i could achieve a slight annonmous look for the people and make it quite a mysterious image. i knew the shadows would become greater as they reached the camera. i purposfully exposed this image a stop longer to get the desired effect.

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