Task Two – Portrait

For the second task i decided to take my pinhole back to the street in which i took the image for the first task. i wanted to do another 30 minute exposure at night but this time i decided to attatch the pinhole camera to the top of my car and drive up and down that street for half an hour with the shutter on the pinhole open. i really like the effect i have got with this idea. becasue you are travelling too fast to capture any people i am answering the task in the same kind of sense as in the first task. so to make a portrait of this place without any people i decided to try and achieve this abstract effect with the layers of light overlapping each other. i like the idea about velocity here and the fact you are travelling to make the image. i was retracing the same route over and over therefore certain lights are being retraced over and over onto the single frame.

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