Pinhole Results


These are some of the best results i have had with my matchbox pinhole camera. i have only really experimented with daytime and indoors but i am intrigued to experiment with using the pinhole at night time. in regards to the task i think it could produce some interesting images. these photos above were exposed at 10 seconds each as they were indoors. in my research i have found that the F stop of a pinhole is usually around the f90 mark so this means if i was to attempt night time shots i would have to expose for around about half an hour maybe to get any results.

Digital Pinhole.


I really enjoyed taking pinhole shots of the clouds because of the soft focus effect of the pinhole produces these painting like effects. the focus on the digital pinhole i adapted is worse than on the matchbox so i wasnt very happy with the images i got. i think i will continue to use the matchbox camera as i prefer the results and the fact that you can get that wide angled effect.

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