Pinhole Cameras

The two pinhole cameras i focused on building was a matchbox style one which would take 35mm film so could take multiple exposures and more than one photograph and also i adapted a pinhole for my digital SLR.


This Pinhole is constructed out of a matchbox and some aluminium drinks can and also an empty film cannister and alot of black insulation tape. it didnt take long to make this pinhole and its pretty easy to use. the only thig i have found difficult with this pinhole is the exposure times. when using it in daylight i found that the exposures varied so much witht he slightest light change which i worked out could be something to do with the distance between the film and the actual pinhole. this also caused a very wide angle on the photographs produced from this pinhole.


I also attempted to adapt my canon 450D to pinhole by taking off the lens and making a pinhole out of cardboard and again an aluminium drinks can. i had a hard job making it light proof with the angles on the body of the camera but with alot of tape i eventually got something working. like with the results from the matchbox pinhole, i have been getting quite out of focus images but with this one i am not getting the wide angle but less of an angle. it doesnt provide a very good frame for an image as it seems to minimise it to an extent.

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