Aberlardo Morell and Camera Obscura

in order to understand how the pinhole is working i have been looking into camera obscura and how this dates back to as early as the renaissance period. i came across an article in a recnt National Geographic Issue and saw some work by the photographer Aberlardo Morell who experiments quite alot with Camera Obscura to create his images.

It’s great to see these impressive pictures when you can display how the camera works on a bigger scale. Morell literally transforms these hotel rooms into a camera and then is left with these fascinating and interquet projection like images covering the walls.

Here in thsi image for instance you can see how exactly the camera obscura works and if you transform the scale down to the size of a matchbox you can understand whats going on inside the pinhole. Morell is effectivly creating a pinhole in a much bigger space. i have experimented myself with the literal prjection of images onto objects and what not but i really liek the idea of manipulating what is already there. you are not introducing anything new, you are just manipulating light. it’s definatly an idea to develop on and maybe even experiment with in this project.

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