Critical Reflection – Simon Norfolk talk

After having a look around the Burke-Norfolk Exhibition at the tate modern, we were swiftly greeted by Simon Norfolk himself, who came bounding in and started a somewhat informal chat with us filled with his natural enthusiasm. He first talked of the histry of the idea for his project and it was staggering to hear how much research he had done in rder to produce the work. he Knew the histry relavent to his project inside out, it was practically memorised in his brain and i think from this i can get an idea of how i would approach my projects in the future. Seriously consider my research and develop ideas from it. He explained how his recent work on afghanistan was a very personal work t him an he felt like he had a very important message to cmmunicate with his photographs. he wanted to communicate his political views and ideas thrugh his images and shed sme light on how he went abut doing this. this brings us back t the research, from what Norfol said, he achieved this primarily from his in depth research, especially in finding John Burke and how he could collabrate his photographs with those of a man who has been dead for many years. he went on to talk of his early career as a photographer and hw he made money and it was interesting to hear his journey. He tl us of how he made money frm alot of commercial wrk and bits f magazine wor here and there but the thing that appealed to me most was the fact that he saved this money until he had enough to work on a current project when he sould just get up and go. This has given me the idea of being able t comprehend the idea of saving alot in order to pursue something which you are passionate about.

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