Critical Reflection – M Ward at Union Chapel Islington

The Union Chapel in Islington was such a unique and beautiful setting fr this one off UK performance. With the nights getting longer, i entered the church and left behind me the last of the evning light and found myself somewhere to sit inside the atmspheric church. i Found myself on a pew on the right balcony of the church with an excellent view of the stage and was watching the gradual fade of daylight through the mesmorising stain glass windows. The support act soon finished their set, to my relief and it was time to greet M Ward to the stage. The candles and Low lighting became more prominent as the evening grew darker and the atmosphere flourished in wait for M Ward to start strumming the chords of his first song. He came to the stage solo and stroked out these warm chords which echoed arund and through the whole church and crowd. He Played alot of songs from his album ‘post-war’ and gave them a slight adjustment to suit the evening. The Main thing that inspired me from this event is not only MWard himself, but the chosen venue. It raises ideas and makes it clear how important an Atmsphere is when Visiting anything. Fr Example, it would be great t have an exhibitin in a venue like the union chapel aswell as live music. it something which i will consider in the future. It has also inspired me t experiment mre with my own guitar playing, and be more confident with it. i want to experiment with different tunings and practice more. it has made me realise how little i know, watching Mward slide up and dwn the nec of the guitar with ease has definatly had a positive effet n me.

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