True Grit film review

The true grit remake directed by the coen brothers is a great homage to the original john wayne film. it is hard to watch the film obviously if you have seen the original like with most remakes, but this film takes on a life of its own. Jeff Bridges brings a more self destructive sense nto the character of Rooster Cogburn not seen in the John Wayne classic. He drinks mre and sleeps later but still keeps his dead eye for a shot on any gun. Also transformed is Matt Damon playin Labeouf, who is hardly recognisable from our affilliations with jason bourne. He plays this Confident young character very well and its nice to see him in a role where is character is not so sure of himself. The story pretty much follws the same plot as the original but with the aid of modern technology basically becomes a more up to date version. it’s a good story and a must see for any western fans and it does add a more Realistic edge to the life of Rooster but it would have been nice to have seen a newly developed story from these directors and with the caliber f cast at their disposal. This probably wuld of had more of an impact on this genre of film but also on the film industry. instead we are left to go through the famous ending of True Grit again but with a spruced up more 21st century look.

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