Jackie Brown film review

Jackie Brown is classic Quentin Tarantino which follows the story of a flight attendant who gets wrapped up in a intrequet plot with a local drug lord and the police. with an all star cast at his disposal, Tarantino acts a puppeteer to construct this reflection of inner city life within the confines of smuggling and crime. Samuel L Jackson, Pam Grier, Robert De Niro and Michael Keaton all feature and play the characters excellently and shed a new light on all of their talents. Tarantino gets their potential out of them, De Niro especially is taken out of that normal role of Italian Wiseguy he s usally cast as and put in this Petty criminal role which he plays great, showing this aged edginess and tense masculinaty in a character who is pulling himself through life with a few stops in prison along the way. Jackie Brown herself played by Pam Grier is this very dominant character throughout the film and has this sense of female domination over all of the ther characters, see is seemingly wiser and smarter than all f the male characters but does show that side of vulnerability which plays well with the slight love story also in the film. this film is also made by tarantino’s gift of being able to develop just the right soundtrack for his films. throughout this film there is this prescence of motown and Nothern Soul music which works well hand in hand with the sometimes violent story. it’s an unlikely match but tarantino has developed everything in this film perfectly.

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