A Room For Romeo Brass film review

Directed by shane meadows, this film is very typical to it’s directors style. Meadows has a unique way of telling a story and has characterised his traits over the years through films like this one. Most of the film has the early signs of that real life comedy which is apparent in meadws’ later works like ‘this is england’. This is definatly a film where he has nearly found his feet as a director or finally found his winning formula. The thing that sets this film apart and makes it have a big impact is the underlying dark character of Morrel (Paddy Considine)  who befriends the young Romeo Brass(Andrew Shim). This throws the viewer out of his or her comfort zone when a sudden glimpse of morrel’s true character comes to light. This engages the viewer into this potentially pschotic persona of morrel and gives you this very uneasy sesnse whenever he is on screen as you are waiting for him to snap at any given point. Within the trails and tribulations of Romeo’s family life, morrel acts as Romeo’s escape and takes him under his wing. The acting throughout this film is great even fromt he supporting cast, but Considine really shines in his role as morrel and displays perfecly his potential as a very diverse actor. The dialgue is up t scratch also, none of it seems forced, it’s very natural flowing which hints to me a spot of imprvisation n the actors parts. all in all a real good story, played perfectly and with the right amount of drama and tension to keep you hooked throughout.

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