Now i have reached the end of this project i can reflect on what i think i have achieved and also how i think i have dealt with any problems on the way. i chose to produce this work in the movement of post-modernism and particularly focused on a very modern aspect of it. i wanted to work within the idea of Archive which is something i have been looking at throughout this module including in my Dvd Presentation. I Wanted to work with this idea of a digital journal and i think that overall this has produced a succesfull final piece of work. With the modern age of photography the digital aspect of it has obviously change the way we make images so i wanted to address this in my work. I wanted to try and develop a realtionship between the authentic article and the digitally manipulated image. Everything i worked with was from an original entry into my journal which i then enhanced digitally. i wanted to dispaly this idea of the fact that there are some things i can do using digital technology that i cant do by hand and vice versa. to support the post modern movement i was looking at i chose to take candid photographs, i wanted to take photos that were not technically thought about, rather they were just impulse snaps. i had to develop a direction to go in with this project so i focused on documenting my bedrooms as they worked well with this idea of a very personal piece of work with it being literal entries from my journal. i want to give the viewer this sense that they are looking at something they maybe shouldn’t be allowed to look at. i want them to feel that it’s something personal and they even get the feeling that they are imposing on it. I wanted to achieve this idea of the Final Piece having no order, it was just pure imagery with no white space, for example the front and back covers are not designed as the cover, they are just more pages. i wanted to communicate this idea of being unorganised and random like most of a persons personal thoughts are. The Three main images i put in the middle of the zine and they are displayed larger than the other images i have used. i did this to surround them with everything else. and it also gives the viewer the chance to see where most of these thoughts are thought and where most of this imagery is made. The lead image is The Zine and the supporting imagery is the Three Large Photographs.I would have liked to have been able to have the time and Money to be able to have experimented with different papers and cards for it to be printed on. i would have liked the idea of using recycled card to fit in with the idea that alot of the imagery is recycled, and also look at other paper types to achieve an authentic and engaging final piece. i will continue to look into getting my zine printed in an edition of 50 and see if i can sell them through the internet but this is something which is very much moderated by my personal finances.

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