The history of the Zine.

i have been researching into the history of the zine on the internet and have come across a great website which has a great resource section, it has a number of articles and essays on the history of zines and also there place within society aswell as the issues they commonly raise.

The zine became considered an Artform in the 1980’s with the help of publications like Factsheet Five who were also a Independant zine publication. This of course was with the help of the punk rock movement in the decade previous where the amount of zines grew due to Photocopying machines. A Punk band would produce flyers and posters for a gig therefore also have the possibility of making an edition on Zines. The Early 90’s saw the rise of more illicit zines with the break of The ‘Riotgrrl’ Scene and from this zines recieved more interest from mainstream media. Then at the end of the 90’s with the development of technology and the internet, the zine became less common with people favouring substituting them with websites and the information you could get online. But over the last few years it seems as if the Zine is on the rise again with the ease of communication and the ability to purchase products online. In the Art world especially, i personally have bought zines before from a website called Fourteen-nineteen who specialise in distributing photography based zines produced by 14-19 year olds. aswell as purchases from a few others.

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