Nan Goldin

Goldin is a photographer who i have primarily looked at for my research project but have found she has given me a a few ideas when it comes to producing my Final Works for this project.
I think they diaristic way she produces her images documenting her own life and of those her around her really reflect this idea of Archive that i am trying achieve. Goldin seems to capture a persons character rather than just showing their representation, no image is forced and no image seems directed. I have been looking at her book the ballad of sexual dependancy and it shows this struggle for intamcy and a narrative of craving the understanding of friends. it is an archive of a number of years of Goldins life and is a diary but in a visual form. you really get this sense of communication through each image and you understand what she was trying to say on that particular day. it’s easy to relate to and put yourself in the situation, i find myself putting my own experiences into the Photographs in an attempt to understand them more. i think this really involves you in the work and if i can experiment my own ideas i can hopefully achieve the same thing. I think my Zine is going to be quite a personal thing like this work of Goldin’s is, but to draw away from that i would like to encourage the distraction of the viewer putting themselves into the situation.

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