Zine Layout

After talking to the staff at colorco i have had to get my zine layed out to be printed. i will have to cut up and layout my page designs in a certain way so that when it is put together it will work out that the original page designs will meet back up with each other just like how a magazine or newspaper works. to do this i got 12 sheets of paper and made a template. this worked well for me to be able to lay out the page designs correctly when it goes to print. here are some scans of my templates.

for instance, the front and back cover, on it’s reverse side would have to have page one and page 22. so page one would feature the left side of ‘untitled2’ page design and then page 22 will have to feature the right side of ‘untitled12’ page design.

this works the same for the second page. then when it is all put together it will work out, when it is viewed, as it was originally intented to.

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