Tracy Emin

i have been looking at tracy emin because of her work with her bedroom which i remember from years back. i think this could relate to me with the ideas i have with taking photographs of my own bedrooms.

i think that from this i can take that i should just produce really honest images of any shots of my bedroom i choose to make. i like the idea that Emin is putting to us here and i think that when i look back on it now i can see the artisitc value of it more than i could when i first heard about this work. Emin is someone i am also going to look at in my dvd presentation for the fact that it’s this archive idea she seems to display with her work. where the actual process of making work becomes the actual art in itself. a more obvious example of this is the piece she produced with a tent.

everyone i have ever slept with, i think is a great piece of work to get this sense of archive or diaristic view. in this case it has been produced not while the events have happened but i think in the video it is explained very well about the fact that it’s about intimacy not neccesarily about anything sexual which is what the initial title implys and what the viewer initially thinks. obviously i am going to be creating somethign alot different but i can still take some inspiration from trying to imply certain connotations with my project. my project is going to be quite personal but it will only be me who understands how personal it is, but hopefully to the viewer it will have some relevance to them. for instance a favourite page or section.

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  1. Chris Alford

     /  April 3, 2011

    I didn’t realise Tracey Emin worked with multimedia. The dialogue video of herself was very much like a confession but not to a priest but to herself. I wonder if photographers can do this like take a photograph of their own instillation art piece, then have the photograph in another of their instillation art piece and then on video ending on youtube. Much to think about………


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