Robert Rauschenberg

i have always admired robert rauschenbergs work, there is something that attracts me to it and i cant help but get lost in the layers of paint and fabrics. he uses photographs and advertisments and creates these great textures with the paint and textiles. Robert Rauschenberg is a great artist to look at in respect to the Post modernism movement i am looking at and i can take alot from his works when it comes to mine. he experiments with communcating issues to the viewer like politics but his art is less of a archive diary style and more of an actual piece of work. the archive style that relates to my work is in the fact that he uses these found objects and packaging and he layers in these photographs into his canvas. this reflects the time and date when this piece realtes to for example an old advertisment or packaging for a product would be dated back to when that would have been used. i plan to experiment myself a little bit with paint as i have seen from looking at Rauschenberg and also Dan Eldon. It is believed that if it wasnt for the early success of Robert Rauschenberg it Pop art would have never had made as much of an impact as it did or even have happened at all. Rauschenberg worked up until his death in 2008 and sometimes is regarded apart of the pop art movement aswell as the abstract expressionists in his early career like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. he then strove to get away from this and started ‘breaking the rules’ i have decided to include a video from you tube which i have watched recently.

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