Some Chosen Photographs

After considering the idea of taking some photographs of my bedrooms i have decided to go with it. My idea has come from the fact that i think i have spent alot of time in my bedroom and alot of the time have felt like it’s a room i should explore more. whether it be at home or here at university. at home my bedroom would often drive me a little mad due to the fact of how small it is and i believed it always encouraged boredom. when i moved back into my mothers house my old room had gone to my sister so i was to take her old room which is the room i am talking about. i chose not to let my mother redecorate it as i planned on not being there for a long time so i thought it would be a waste of time and effort. Instead i started scribbling on the walls using felt tip pens and such and it became abit of a journal but on the bedroom walls. i thought that it would be interesting to try and take a few photographs in there and include them in my project. i think that the bedroom is at this point in my life the only place where you can be on your own and gather your thoughts of the day etc and this is usually where and when you start to archive your thoughts in whatever way you express it. i think the place where my zine is made is an important focus point on the actual project.

here are some of the photographs i wish to include. there is also one photographt that was taken back when i was about 10 years old whch i hope to include and layer into a page. also there is some images from my journals which i will be using and manipulating in photoshop.

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