The following are emails to and from a printers up in leeds whch i have been talking to about printing options regarding my zine.

After recieving a quote from footprinters, i decided that the cost wasn’t affordable to me. i then started looking around for other printers in a more local area and  remebered i had seen one when i have been driving around coventry. i went and spoke to the staff at colorco and talked to them about my idea and decided that it would be more affordable to me if i was just to produce one copy of my zine to start with. in the future i can then look at maybe geting more produced when i have the finances. i have included some scans of the price list for printing at colorco and have estimated it will cost in the region of £15 to get one copy printed in colour and at A4 for the size of each single page.

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  1. Dave

     /  January 26, 2012

    Real shame you didn’t use Cov Uni’s approved printing company: their machines are light years ahead of ColourCo’s. Plus their staff know much more about print, ask for Ray or Kam if you go in, they are based in Earlsdon and actually run all the print services for Coventry Universities Staff aswell as offering the Students their own web-to-print service at:

    Hope this helps you out in the future

    • Thanks dave, yeah, i do use the print bureau at coventry uni occasionally, which is the one in the graham sutherland building but i’ll be sure to check out this one in the future. thanks for the comment!

      • Dave

         /  January 30, 2012

        Yeah they have taken over the print services bit, I think the uni will still provide a print service for a while until the machines are taken back by the Manufacturers. Talk to Ashok in Marketing and Communications if you need anything special printing, he will point you in thr right direction


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