How i’m producing page designs in photoshop

1. i’m starting off with a blank canvas which is A3 in size. i have chosen this size because when i eventually go to print i want each individual page to be around the size of A4.

2. with this one i am designing what will be the front cover, therefore i like to start off with some base images just to provide some blending options when i eventually include the illustrations and photographs i have in mind to use.

3. here i have included one of the illustrations which i am planning on using in quite a few of the pages. i have multiplied the layer and blend it a little into the photograph at the back.

4. now i have inserted and overlayed the main illustration i wanted to use as apart of the front cover. this is when this side of the page starts to take shape.

5. i have added the main design for the opposite page. i have included a base layer of another photograph and i have maniplulated the levels and hue to achieve the colouring.

6. i have added the photograph i wanted to include and have manipulated the levels and also blended it with the background layers it’s on top of

7. i have added a few more items which give it a little bit of extra texture and then i will flatten the image and save it as a PDF in order for it not to lose any quality when it comes to printing.

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