Dan Eldon


Dan Eldon.
Dan Eldon has always been a great inspiration to me. i was first introduced to him when i was 17  studying at college and i remember being utterly impressed at how much he had achieved by the time of his death at the age of 22. he was labelled as a Photojournalist or a war photographer but his creativity led him into other arts like film making and also writing. He made his way on his own, when he travelled it was purely a personal journey, he wasn’t much directed by the magazines and publications. As word spread and more of his photographs were being published, he became more renowned and some of his images were being used as double page spreads in time magazine. Eldons photographs are very much impressive, he had a great eye for composition and was able to capture truly joyous images aswell as being able to communicate the sorrow and sadness with the use of black and white photography. Although his photography was very mature for such a young man i get more pleasure out of the journals he used to keep. after his death, seventeen journals were found that dated back seven years previous. these journals were packed full of Photographs, paint, drawings, scribbles,leaves,feathers and much more. they are beautiful documentations of his life communicated to the viewer through colours and manipulations. it’s his journals that give me the most inspiration. they are filled with a continuous experimentation, layers and layers of substance tangling together to create a simple diary entry, reflecting where he had been or what he had seen that day or that last couple of hours. it’s an archive of artwork and a continuous document of life. His feeling are dislplayed but not often by words. i consider Dan Eldon as an artist. i find it hard to pidgeon hole him into any category. i aim to be able to communcate the same aspects eldon does in my own work. when looking at a page you can tell if he was angry or sad, you can tell if he was excited or happy. i aim to be able to achieve this. i want to be able to demonstrate my mood or feeling with how i choose to create my zine. i want people to be given an impression when they view it and i want it to feel that they are being let into something that is a little private and personal, just how i feel when i look through the published pages of Dan Eldons Journals.

Scans of a few pages from ‘The journey is the destination’ the journals of dan eldon.

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