Project Proposal

After thinking of ideas and trying to form a good art movement to focus on and explore i have finally decided to work within Post modernism to create my project. Over the last few weeks i have realised that i have been doing alot of work in my journal which i keep for notes, drawings and anything else that i decide to put down in there. I have also been looking at old illustrations from astrology books and then scanning them into the computer and then digitally manipulating them with my own images to form these ‘collage’ like Images. This got me thinking into whether i could potentially develop it more and maybe combine the two to form a project. i started looking at photographers like Dan Eldon who after his death had his journals published. From this i have decided to develop the journal idea but combine the actual article with digital manipulation to create images. i plan to explore the diary aestetic of my journals and the idea of it’s privacy. Photographically i plan to take ‘snapshot’ like pictures using film of the spaces in which i live i.e Bedroom, but focus on more abstract objects and then afterwards i plan to manipulate these images. there is even the possibility of extending this and investigating more into not only my bedroom but other peoples also. working in Post moderinism i can research into artists like Tracy Emin for this idea, and also Photographers like Jurgen Chill. i plan to put all of the work together using Photoshop after all the physical material has been scanned in and create a digital journal. To present the work i wish to make a zine in which all the images are put together to form a constant collage of images with no borders and also the possibility of printing the pages as seperate articles and framing them and develop this idea as an option of presentation.

This is an example of the images i have been producing.

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  1. Chris Alford

     /  April 3, 2011

    Love the journal. Great use of collage. Have you looked at the Dada movement?
    I’m influenced by them and have been thinking now how to incorporate that into my own photographic work. Another excellent blog.


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