The Book Covers

These are the three images i have selected for my three book covers. The first one i consider as a minimalist approach, the second one a more postmodern design and the third i hope to get the effect of surrealism. The Postmodern one is the only one i think where i will crop the image and get a more closer view of the design instead of it being the full image. i think this will give a better effect with a certain crop. With the minimalist one i hope to edit the image to give it a more illustartive design. i chose this image because of it’s bold colour and i think when i’m editing the cover i can really bring out the colours by saturating them. i intend to do this to give it a more attractive and eye catching image. i think with all these images i will edited them a little bit to fit in with the design they become apart of. the main thing i will do is to change a few of the levels and saturation. i will be looking and finding fonts to use for the covers from Fontsquirrel. font squirrel is a free font site for commercial use where you can choose to make donations.

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  1. Chris Alford

     /  April 3, 2011

    This makes me realise the importance of photography in context. Will it be in a
    photo-book, a magazine, a book cover or the web?


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