Book cover Research

George Orwell’s 1984 book cover

I have been looking at alot of minimalist book covers for my research. i cam across this version of 1984 by George Orwell. i can see that its more of an illustrative design but i like the way that it doesnt give the viewer much, it just has some simple shapes with some colours that complement each other. i think that i can take some presentation ideas from this design as it is composed well and gives an effective design with minimal prescence.

Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork orange

This is another minimal style of book cover design for A clockwork orange by anthony burgess. i think that this photograph works really well. as it’s a simple glass of milk it gives you a sense of intrigue and a clue about what’s in the book. having read the book i can identify with why a glass of milk is used and can say even though its only plays a small part in the story it is a great choice of subject matter to use as the cover photograph.

A Room for Romeo Brass

I started to look at other covers like on DVD’s and CD’s. i scanned in some of the covers from the ones i own, the ones that i feel have given me a few ideas. I really like the idea of these minimal front covers and when i started looking at a few of my dvd’s i came across this one from ‘A room for romeo brass’. i think that the simple pair of pants on the front give a few hints and a certain feel for the film, even before you have seen it. it has a certain amount of comedy to it but also interests you a little to find out what part they play in the story. Once again there is no obvious Inclusion of the pants in the film but it’s one of the things that is highlighted simply for the fact that it has been chosen for the cover. The colours really complement each other being quite primary and i think the handwriting style text really works well as it gives a more personal feel.


this is the cover for the box set of ‘millenium’. i consider this to be more of a post-modern or modernist approach to the cover. i really like the colour and layering effect of image and symbol and it really gives of this great texture. The header text is very prominent and its composed well so it becomes part of the cover and the whole image rather than jus simply being placed upon there. i think through the colours used and the choice of image you get this sense of mystery and maybe even a sense of horror. you can pick up what type of programme it is by it’s cover, the cover communicates with the genre of the programme. millenium is a supernatural, drama with mystery and can also be classes as being a ‘thiller’. i think that the cover suggests this very well.

Douglas Coupland’s Generation X

at first i wasnt that impressed by this cover. until i looked at it more closely and realised that in the green there is actually a hue over a photograph to the point where you cant really see it. the photograph is just a simple shot of some clouds but they are really drowned out by this polluted green. this green works really well with the blue. i think that the actual photograph is a bit of a surreal feel but when combined with the rest of the book design it becomes another more minimal book cover design. this has given me the idea of experimenting with photographs to the point where they are not really even recognisable any more, this can give good texture and sometimes a very good surreal feel.

Nick Hornby

i have always liked nick hornbys book covers as they are kind of ‘comic’ like. they are illustrated but they are always in the same design with the text prominent and following through giving it a real sense of prescence. i like the really bold colours and it has given me the idea to edit images acoordingly so they become less real. saturate the colours to make it more attractive to the eye and choose a really prominent text.

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  1. jdhays

     /  February 1, 2011

    Thanks for drawing attention to an important art form that many of us tend to give little significance.

  2. Chris Alford

     /  April 3, 2011

    Are you influenced much by the art of photography in TV and films?
    I’ve been influenced by the extreme close ups and low lighting I’ve seen in Doctor Who during the Tom Baker years.


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