Summer Project Reflection

As soon as i had read chapter 5 of Charlotte Cotton’s book ‘ the photograph as a contempory art’ i began to determine how i would go about answering the brief of the summer project. Straight away i was struggling with ideas so i began to take images on my Canon 45oD digital camera in an attempt to give myself some direction. I found that i was getting shots and finding compositions i could work with further, but i felt that the images from the Digital camera were coming out too clean and posed and i felt that this didnt really represent me personally, therefore wouldn’t work well in a diary format. I then came across some of Richard Billingham’s work which really gave me some influence and ideas. Billingham’s book titled ‘Ray’s a Laugh’ which documents his family at home really communicated the same things i wanted to communicate and achieve in my project. So after studying Billingham’s work i brought some rolls of cheap 35mm Colour film and with my Canon 500N camera, i documented one average day in which i went visiting my immediate family. In answer to the brief, i chose to look for the objects and marks that have been left by myself and my family rather than just take the obvious photographs.

In conclusion i think that overall i answered the brief well. I think i took it and put my own personal spin on it which i felt like we were encouraged to do. It really challenged me to think abit more outside the box and look to take pictures of whats left over and not what’s there. i feel as if this project has taught me some valuable skills which i can use in the future with future assignments and projects. i think that if i was to make any changes to this project i would have presented this work in a book as it would work well with it being a diary narrative, and this is definatly something i am going to look into in the future when presenting work.

Some examples of the Richard Billingham work i was looking at.

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  1. Chris Alford

     /  April 3, 2011

    I’m applying again to go to the Photography degree at Coventry university after being rejected in 2009. One of my themes would be on the relationship I have with my dog which is just like the Richard Billingham image of his father with the dog.


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