Using the Mamiya RB67

Over the past two weeks i have taken two rolls of film on the mamiya rb67. this wasn’t the first time i had used one of these cameras but it was the first time i had loaded the film and learnt the workings of the camera. Previously when using this camera in my earlier education the film had already been loaded and i was only taught how to focus and take an image using it. we watched a ten minute tutorial video on how to take the camera apart and load the film and then how to put it back together ready for shooting. At first i found very confusing as there are a lot of little catches and buttons to press but after a few attempts i got the hang of it. we were then set a task to go out and take pictures with the camera we had just learnt how to use. When put into practice i felt like i really got to know the camera well and feel very confident in using it now. we also did a tutorial about how to use a light meter as when using the mamiya rb67 you need to use one as the camera hasnt got it’s own built in. once again, after you put what you learnt into practice i feel like i can now use a light meter comfortably and also achieve correctly exposed photographs.

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