Using the Mamiya 711

Over the last two weeks i have also been using another medium format camera. The Mamiya 711. We were also given a Tutorial on how to use this camera as it is more complex when it comes to shooting rather than loading the film. i had never used this camera before so found it a little more difficult to get my head around. my task with this camera was to take photographs of a precious object. i really felt at a disadvantage using this camera for such a task as it is impossible to get close in on an object and very hard to achieve a real sharp focus. This camera has a built in light meter and also has a seperate viewfinder to the lens so when focusing you have to line up the ‘ghost image’ with the actual image in frame. i would like to use this camera again but with different subject matter. i reckon it would be a good camera to use when taking a portrait shot for example. In all honesty, my first impressions of this camera haven’t been good as i found it a struggle to use and very complicated even when taking some very simple images.

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